The Libera LLRF upgrade for APS

Within the LEA project, Argonne’s APS is upgrading their LINAC to support interleaved operation in order to conduct advanced beam experiments, by keeping the LINAC main functionality of injecting electrons into the booster.

For this APS LINAC upgrade project, Instrumentation Technologies delivered the first Libera LLRF, customized to fulfill the S-band APS LINAC requirements. The Libera LLRF upgrade activities started at the beginning of 2020 and included an FPGA upgrade to the newest Kintex Ultrascale+ FPGA technology, the extension of the system to 22 input channels, the upgrade of the Libera LLRF pulse shaping scheme to support the SLED RF pulse compression, and other requirements.

The Libera LLRF system has been delivered in November 2020.


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