Outsourcing new product development

How many times have you put off starting a new task because you just couldn’t fit it into your already overwhelming schedule?

How many times have you wished that the day was just a little bit longer than twenty-four hours – say, around thirty?

When it comes to the business aspect, these problems are amplified by the time-consuming and costly processes of bringing a new product to market or improving an existing product.

The answer to these questions is outsourcing: hiring an outside company to provide services and produce goods on your behalf has a lot of potential advantages.

The benefits of outsourcing new product development

Time optimization

Outsourcing allows you to allocate your resources where they are most effective, and therefore allows you to use your focus and extra time on more value-added objectives while the work keeps running smoothly. Furthermore, working in different time zones can significantly reduce turnaround time and increase productivity – it can actually make the workday longer than twenty-four hours.

Cost optimization

Delegating tasks to experts in a specialized area allows them to focus exclusively on the assigned job. The dedicated team completes the task in the shortest possible time, thereby maximizing cost effectiveness.

Risk management

Risks are shared equally with the partner company, and the amount of uncertainties is reduced thanks to the work of qualified professionals. Outsourcing also helps keeps the operation going in case of employee turnover.


Other temporary requirements can be addressed by the additional workforce provided by the hired company. Moreover, the involvement of a third party in the project brings a fresh perspective and a completely different approach, resulting in innovation and improvement.

Outsourcing the development of electronics

When you decide to outsource product development to Instrumentation Technologies, you get support from its numerous highly-skilled departments: engineering, procurement, supply chain and quality control.

We can assist you at any stage of the process.

Instrumentation Technologies helps determine your specific needs, document your objectives and formulate design ideas. At the end of this process, you will be equipped with complete specifications and a defined project scope, deadlines, and costs.

Design consulting:

I-Tech’s design expertise includes radio frequency (RF) and wireless, analog, low power FPGA (field programmable gate array), and embedded software radio over fiber (RoF). It also provides solutions in sensorics, data acquisition & processing, and communication.

Product development:

An experienced solution architect follows you through each step of the process. In the first stage, the solution architect is responsible for ensuring that your needs are understood, your requirements are clear and your objectives are well-defined. As the process continues, the solution architect ensures that the project is successful through each phase, on time and on budget.

Certification assistance:

Finally, you are accompanied through the certification process, from design to obtaining the certificate.

Rapid prototyping:

You will be provided with a functional prototype that enables you to test the viability of your solution or hardware design. Fast modifications and adaptations will help you to save the costs of potential mistakes, and reduce the overall risk by testing the market prior to launch.


A large network of verified ecosystem partners is ready to complement Instrumentation Technologies’ work if additional expertise is required for a certain project.

Delegating product development to specialized professionals offers you the right combination of strategy, support and expertise.

Instrumentation Technologies provides a hands-on approach that will optimize time and costs, reduce the overall risk, and ensure a high-quality result.