The role of Libera Brilliance + in developing the new MTCA.4 BPM System for PETRA IV

Last week our colleague Aleš Bardorfer enjoyed the beautiful December atmosphere in Hamburg, while we cheered for him from our offices in Solkan. He was in Germany presenting at the MicroTCA.4 Workshop the outcomes of the collaboration between Instrumentation Technologies and DESY: together we are developing a BPM electronics prototype based on the MicroTCA.4 platform for the upcoming Petra IV project.

What is Petra IV Project?

PETRA IV at DESY will be an upgrade of the current synchrotron radiation source PETRA III into an ultra-low–emittance source with beam emittance of about 20 pm. In order to measure beam positions and control the orbit stability to the required level of accuracy, a high-resolution BPM system will be installed which consists of about 800 monitors with readout electronics based on MTCA.4.

We are extremely proud to be a part of this amazing project!

You can learn more about this interesting collaboration: 

⇒ Aleš’s presentation by clicking here.

⇒ Book of Abstracts by clicking here.