Libera is honored to be part of the game-changing APS Upgrade project

Argonne’s APS is a giant X-ray microscope that produces extremely bright and focused X-rays passing through dense materials, and illuminating the structure and chemistry of matter at the molecular and atomic level. By way of comparison, the X-rays produced at today’s APS are up to one billion times brighter than the X-rays produced in a typical dentist’s office.

The APS Upgrade project consists of the design,  procurement, installation, and commissioning of a new storage ring based on a 7-bend achromat that will deliver world-class high brightness, high coherence hard X-rays (>20 keV).

Robert Hettel, director of the project, states that the APS Upgrade will allow researchers to see things at a scale they have never seen before with storage-ring X-rays. They will be able to look deep inside real samples, such as biological organisms, and observe atoms moving in real time. Such extreme levels of detail will open new frontiers and discoveries in basic science, and help solve pressing problems across a wide range of industries (Hettel, Robert. “The Advanced Photon Sourcea U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science User Facility.” APS Upgrade | Advanced Photon Source, 2020, link).

Libera is contributing to the project with the complete BPM electronics system that will be used to acquire and process the signals from 560 BPM pickups. Libera Brilliance+ was upgraded for this purpose with the latest FPGA technology, and will be a key component of the Fast-Orbit-Feedback that will be used to stabilize the orbit of the beam. The upgraded Libera Brilliance+ instrument was presented in Peter Leban’s presentation at the Libera Workshop 2020, and the first batch of devices was shipped on Sept 30th.

In addition, Libera is also contributing to the project with a digital LLRF system for the injector LINAC upgrade project, and the BPM electronics.