Instrumentation Technologies part of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Klagenfurt

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia is the umbrella economic organisation for Slovenians in Koroška (Carinthia). The aim of the Chamber is to bring together Slovenian business people and support the economy in southern Koroška. In addition to promoting entrepreneurship, the Chamber organises meetings and education programmes, develops and implements EU projects and functions as an information service for the commercial sector. This Slovenian economic alliance has a membership of more than 300 around the Alps-Adriatic region, involving all sectors of the economy.

This is an outstanding opportunity for Instrumentation Technologies, where we offer breakthrough solutions in the area of technologies for various industrial sectors, ranging from measurement tools, smart cities, heating technology and transport systems to medical devices. We look forward to cooperating with the other companies within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Klagenfurt.

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