A letter from the CEO of Instrumentation Technologies

Dear colleagues, 

As this peculiar year winds down, I would like to express a few thoughts addressed to you. 

I am sure this year’s pandemic greatly affected your lives just as it did ours and our professional workflow.  

I am personally very sad for not having had the opportunity to meet each other in person during 2020. Conferences and meetings always offer a great possibility to exchange plans and ideas. This year offered us a new perspective on get-togethers, which I don’t find any less productive, but certainly find lacking in the natural social touch that contours any type of interaction. 

On the other hand, I feel pleasantly surprised and grateful for the amount of online engagement that we received, and for the trust for remote support that was shown to us. It’s good to see that our efforts are repaid, so I thank you for your trust. You know you can reach us anytime and always count on us for help and support. 

In conclusion, let me state that, as we’ve successfully scaled up to proton therapy and nuclear research reactors, we’re stepping into some new areas, too – like industrial DAQ systems, energy – and we’re looking to the future year with optimism. However, I would like to stress that our development would not have been possible without your support. This is why we, too, keep on counting on you for the path ahead. 

I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, and a healthy, happy New Year in 2021. 


Elvis Janezic, CEO of Instrumentation Technologies