Innovation technology provider for automotive industry / AUDI

We recently wrote about our visit to AUDI as a member of the Slovenian business delegation, organized by the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce Celovec. We learned all about their focus on electrification. They recently revealed that they are pursuing the path of sustainable mobility and intend to put more than 30 electrified models on the market by 2025.

We were greatly impressed by AUDI’s electrification road map and their vision to reduce their carbon footprint. We were furthermore fascinated by the passion the AUDI brand displayed in their pursuit of high performance and sustainability.

With AUDI’s transformation into a provider of electric mobility, we see a lot of opportunities where our knowledge could align. Our customized DAQ solutions can be furthermore expanded to the following fields:

  1. Development of services for high-speed data acquisition and processing of large amounts of data in real-time


  • autonomous driving
  • smart mobility in the cities
  • EV charging stations
  • battery testing
  1. Development of tailor-made measurement systems with the possibility of wire and wireless connectivity to the existing system


  • Production lines
  • Testing material
  1. Development of comprehensive data logging devices for monitoring different parameters, like vibration and other parameters in maintenance prediction devices


  • Maintenance prediction at factory machinery
  • Maintenance prediction in autonomous vehicles
  • Maintenance prediction in the car-sharing systems

This is a great opportunity to further deepen our ties in the automotive sector where we successfully act as an outside innovation technology provider of R&D.