Closed Orbit Feedback at GSI

Instrumentation Technologies has been working with electron and hadron accelerators for many years. We have provided Fast orbit feedback (FOFB) solutions for electron accelerators previously, using our Libera Brilliance and later Libera Brilliance+. We have recently developed a similar feedback system, addressing hadron accelerator-specific challenges, and tested it on the SIS-18@GSI a few weeks ago. This solution (with a 10 kHz calculation rate) was based on Libera Hadron and the GDX extension. Machine orbit control is especially challenging on the acceleration ramp of the SIS-18 due to its changing optics and increasing beam rigidity. From the robustness perspective, the fast orbit feedback system was augmented by the newly available asynchronous mode of position calculation developed at GSI and recently implemented on the Libera Hadron.