A letter to our partners #COVID19

Dear partners,

We are sure this pandemic greatly affected your lives just as it did ours and our professional workflow. Despite the drastic measures to limit the effects of this pandemic, we plan to keep up with our regular work as much as possible. Here’s some of the most important facts about our operations in this period:

Our employees now work from home. The health of our employees is our top priority and therefore our offices are now empty as we weather this pandemic at home. Visits and travels are restricted until further notice. Since we are a #hightech company we try to stay as connected as possible so we are available for any questions and queries via Email/Phone/WeChat or video call.

We are doing our best on carrying out all deliveries and projects as agreed. We thank you for your patience in this difficult time and we hope to continue our collaboration.

We wish you, your colleagues and your family a lot of health and let’s stay in touch!

Best regards,
Instrumentation Technologies