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At Instrumentation Technologies, we are striving toward to the optimal use of our instruments. We realize that this can be achieved easier and faster with our help. Therefore, we have prepared several support packages to address specific needs you might have, whether you are starting to use our instruments for the first time or have already been using them for some time.

You can select the most suitable one for your needs from the descriptions below. We are also open for suggestions on how to tailor support to best suit your needs.



Limited Basic Advanced Professional Premium

When knowing the scope. Getting to know your instrument. Get more value from your investment. Consistent level of support. More than just a support.

Max sum of support hours
(of engineer(s) working on the case)

As agreed 24 hours 80 hours 160 hours Not set

Priority of support start

On defined date. + ++ +++ ++++

First response within (email,
phone Skype - and status indication,
during working days)

N/A 48 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs 24 hrs

On-line support (if internet access is provided by the user)

If agreed N/A  + + +

On-site support

If agreed N/A N/A N/A Single visit,
up to 5 days



Limited – When know what's wrong

When you know exactly which issue you need to address with our support. Such support is limited to the agreed number of hours of support. It is perfect to complement basic, advanced and professional support packages.



Basic – Getting to know your instrument

Should you need to accumulate more or different skills to run the unit properly, the Basic Support Package is perfect for your needs. Learning about the controls, requirements and functionalities of the instrument is faster with assistance. The package is ideal to assist you in exploring the range of features of the instrument required for smooth day-to-day operations.



Advanced – Get more value from your investment

Knowing the limits of the instrument is of value for users who seek top notch performance by exploring the variations of different setups and seeking a more optimal setting of the instrument's operational parameters. With an Advanced Support Package, a total 10 days of support is sufficient for the reproduction or simulation of user's case, which may be necessary sometimes.



Professional – Consistent level of support

A system can be optimally fine-tuned according to the accelerator's specifics. Various cases caused by a number of physical phenomena may represent a barrier to fully exploiting the instrumentation. With the Professional Support Package, 20 days of high priority remote assistance of highly skilled and experienced engineers is provided for support in identifying and overcoming such phenomena. This is the best option for the resolution of problems in pursuit of the highest performance level of the tuned system.



Premium – More than just a support

Highest availability of Libera experts possible. A system of several instruments needs to be brought in operation and served promptly. It is of highest priority that eventual issues are solved at Instrumentation Technologies by any means available. Engineer present on-site up to five days upon request (requirements shall be agreed on in advance). Unlimited number of support days. Use the Premium Support Package for high priority in the resolution of complex issues.



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