Online Libera Workshop 2021 – Registered Talks


Manuel Cargnelutti, Instrumentation Technologies: Introduction to the Online Libera Workshop 2021

Andrew Moss, STFC: RF Developments at Daresbury Laboratory 

Christian Bohme, COSY-Juelich: Libera Hadron Applications and Operational Experience at COSY

Elena Buratin, ESRF: Progress with Various Studies & Applications of Beam Loss Monitoring in EBS

Gabriele Brajnik, Elettra: Current Status of Elettra 2.0 New eBPM System

Gero Kube, DESY: Development towards a New BPM System for the PETRA IV Project at DESY

John Carwardine, ANL: Upgraded Libera Brilliance+ Instruments for the 560 Beam Position Monitors of the APS Upgrade Storage Ring

Laura Torino, ALBA: Experience with Pilot-tone at ALBA

Michael Giles, AVO-ADAM: An Experimental Study of the Libera BLM Applied to the Proton-therapy Linac LIGHT

Min LI, IMP-CAS: Libera Hadron Test in SESRI

Romain Broucquart, SOLEIL: Stability and Low Power Signal Challenges – Spark & Pilot-tone and Libera Brilliance+ Considerations

Yawei Yang, ANL: Libera D-LLRF Development and Implementation at the APS Linac

Danilo Bisiach: Libera Current Meter demo

Danilo Bisiach: Libera Digit 500 demo

Peter Leban: Libera Beam Loss Monitor demo