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Working in the most demanding fields requires continuous attention to the most recent trends and advances in a number of areas. This might be a new type of System-On-Chip, a faster A/D converter, a new programming language or a new communication protocol. What technology offers at the moment, and what it will offer in the years to come, are questions we are continuously answering. Dealing for years with the main electronics providers gives us the privilege of knowing in advance.


Our products are currently network-connected devices with incorporated high-performance computing for differential measurements.



Electronic circuits and systems:

  • RF signal processing up to 12GHz
  • Low-current, high-voltage
  • A/D signal conversion (different rates and resolutions)
  • FPGA
  • Up to 20-layer PCBs
  • Fiber-optics assembly
  • High-performance hybrid circuits, design-supported with Altium Designer and Hyperlynx simulations.



Complementary solutions:

  • Active/Passive cooling
  • Power Over Ethernet supply (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Long-term temperature drift compensation, temperature stabilization
  • Shielding solutions
  • Housing design
  • Analogue and digital circuit simulations
  • SW framework
  • Multi (sub)systems synchronization
  • Point-to-point low-jitter systems synchronization.



Digital signal processing:

  • FPGA programming tools: Verilog, VHDL
  • Simulation tools: Matlab, Octave, ModelSim
  • Real-time DSP design and implementation
  • Parallel/serial data processing.



SW – high- and low-level programming:

  • Languages: C/C++, Java, Python, various assemblers
  • Standards: USB, CORBA, XML IPMI, uTCA
  • Embedded systems, Linux OS Kernel
  • Real-time OS: RTLinux
  • Control system integration (EPICS, Tango, etc.)
  • GUI development: EDM screens, Qt4.



Fast data transfer:

  • LVDS fast links
  • SerDes
  • PCI Express
  • GbE/10GbE
  • Proprietary protocols.




  • SW-defined radio
  • TXDAC at 2.4GSPS



Synchronization and timing signal stabilization:

  • Fiber-optics-based clock transfer over long distances, with added jitter in range of fs and long-term stability in range of tens of fs
  • HW and SW PLL implementations
  • Protocols: White Rabbit, MRF.


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We are proud to announce the launch of our new corporate identity as a part of the ongoing evolution of our brand. After careful consideration, we chose a new logotype that reflects a more modern look and captures our mission to be able to find cutting-edge electronics solutions for our clients' needs.

We will update all our marketing literature and online presence with elements of our new corporate identity. We realise that changing a logo is a time consuming epic, so we will finalise it gradually. With this, we would also like to announce that we are working on a new website that will launch soon.

We look forward to working with you in the future. Read more about the rationale behind the logo here.