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BioPharm.Si – New Generation of Biologics

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Manufacturing of biologics and vaccines in the form of proteins, DNA, and viruses is operationally and technologically challenging. Producing large molecules reproducibly on an industrial scale requires manufacturing capabilities with a previously unknown sophistication. Conventionally, the biologics manufacturing process is done in batch mode, where each production step starts and ends independently from the previous and following step. The biopharmaceutical industry is in the transition from batch processing to fully continuous processing, mainly to increase productivity, maximize flexibility, simplify scale-up and process transfers, increase robustness, and minimize cost of goods while still maintaining operational excellence. The main goal of BioPharm.Si programme, involving high tech and biotech Slovenian companies and excellent research institutions, is development of continuous manufacturing processes and innovative devices and services that will facilitate transition from batch to fully continuous manufacturing.




Basic data about the research project:

  • Coordinator: CO BIK - Centre of Excellence for Biosensors, Instrumentation and Process Control
  • Duration: 2016 – 2020
  • Role of Instrumentation Technologies: Full partner
  • Website:


Funded by:

EU European Regional Development Fund Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport

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