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Femtosecond Supercomputing Instrumentation

CDP 08 – Direct stimulus for joint capital development projects – Projects 2008

The purpose of this very successful project was to offer faster and more accurate PET, CT and MRI diagnostics. The goals of this project were technological (development of key technologies supporting the end system), marketing (analysis of new markets), and environmental (reduction in energy consumption and exposure to radiation).
The main outcome of the project is a supercomputing system using medical imaging techniques. Through this project we solve environmental problems (reduction of exposure to radiation and energy consumption) and technological problems (time resolution, final image resolution, processing speed and synchronization).
Within the framework of the project, Instrumentation Technologies has registered 19 innovations and applied for 10 patents.



Basic data about CDP 08 research project:

  • Coordinator: Instrumentation Technologies, d.d., Slovenia
  • Project title: Development of Femtosecond Supercomputing Instrumentation
  • Duration: 2008–2011 
  • Partner: Beyond Devices, d.o.o., Slovenia



Funded by:

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