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Career Opportunities

High-tech company Instrumentation Technologies of Solkan is a global leader in the field of the development and sale of instrumentation for particle accelerators. The company's main competitive advantages are a highly qualified staff, an innovative business model that generates synergies between science and industry, and genuine and sustained relationships with customers.

Working at Instrumentation Technologies

Experts at Instrumentation Technologies face new technological and business challenges on a daily basis, while not forgetting about good working relationships. Employees are united by the desire to excel and therefore encourage creativity and innovation in their working environment.
Instrumentation Technologies is one of the few Slovenian companies that is reversing the brain drain; thanks to the level of expertise of the team, a pleasant working atmosphere, good working conditions and a clear development strategy, the company successfully attracts top-flight collaborators from every region of Slovenia and also from abroad.



Employment profiles

The largest percentage of employees have qualifications in technical and natural science fields; most of the remainder are economics and business graduates.
In the development sector, technical support and the quality control department, employees are for the most part specialists from the fields of electrical engineering, computing and information technology, and physics. The development sector requires knowledge from the fields of digital electronics, RF technology, mechanics, hardware description languages for FPGA programming needs, digital data processing, Linux programming and project management. Working in the field of customer technical support requires, as well as technical knowledge, extremely good communication skills.
Technical experts are also employed in the sales and marketing department, where, as well as excellent product knowledge, they need knowledge of market research, competition analysis, price policy, distribution, promotion and brand management.



What do we offer?

Experts at the company can make use of the very latest research equipment. They can put their knowledge and bold research visions to the test by working on components that are still in the process of being developed by researchers at scientific research institutes around the world. They are given an insight into the most advanced segments of technological development that shape and dictate future trends.
Working at Instrumentation Technologies offers the opportunity to collaborate with a group of highly qualified technical experts and managers within the company itself and with researchers from the most prestigious scientific institutions around the world. Employees take part in scientific symposia and workshops at home and abroad, where as well as familiarising themselves with new cultures they establish contacts with the scientific research community at the global level. 
Employees themselves set the limits to their progress in all areas. Through their own self-initiative they show the direction in which they wish to develop. Both during the initial induction period and in subsequent autonomous work, employees are guaranteed the full support of their colleagues, because teamwork, cooperation and exchange of knowledge are among the company's most important values.
The company supports its employees' desire for additional formal and non-formal education and is well aware of the key importance of knowledge in the achievement of business goals. With constant training, the company deliberately develops the ability of its staff to take on new and more demanding tasks and their ability to operate in constantly changing business conditions.
A positive working atmosphere is also aided by the possibility of flexible working hours and, in special cases, the possibility of occasional working from home.



What do we expect?

The ideal candidate for highly demanding technical positions will have a bachelor's degree, master's degree or doctorate and will be up to date with the latest trends and findings within his or her own discipline and capable of evaluating them critically and transferring them successfully from theory into practice in his or her work.
Active knowledge of English is necessary for successful communication with clients and development partners. Knowledge of other languages, e.g. German or Spanish, is of course also welcome.
Self-initiative, proactiveness and creativity are vital qualities for successful work in dynamic project groups within the company, where employees can choose and combine various roles: creator of ideas, deviser of individual solutions, coordinator, strategy director or finisher.
The company wants to work with people who enjoy challenges, who love to confront the unknown, and who solve problems by seeking innovative approaches.



Candidates Database

If you see a challenge where others see a limit, if you enjoy working with people whose desire for excellence points them towards the full development of their own potentials, if you believe in the strength of a team and are enthusiastic about using a scientific/intellectual approach to putting into practice the ideas suggested by your imagination and creativity, then we are the right employer for you!
We are not currently advertising any vacancies but if you believe that you could realise your career goals with us, you are welcome to submit your details to our database of candidates for future employment.
Send us your contact details and CV with a detailed description of your specialist training, work experience to date and the area in which you wish to work. Our address is Instrumentation Technologies, d.d., Velika pot 22, 5250 Solkan. Mark the envelope "Human Resources Department". Alternatively you can send your details and CV in electronic form to #EM#68736f436d2872626b61247865#EM#.



Job Vacancies

The company mainly employs specialists from the fields of electrical engineering, computing and information technology, and physics.
The company does not currently have any vacancies. If you are interested in working with us, you may submit your details to our database of candidates for future employment.



For Students

The company is above all interested in working with students in the final years of undergraduate courses or postgraduate students in the fields of electrical engineering, computing and information technology, and physics.
The company has enjoyed many positive experiences in working with students. Collaboration in the form of co-mentoring students who are writing their bachelor's, master's or doctoral thesis has already resulted on a number of occasions in the employment of a young expert at the company.
The company also employs young researchers, who are occasionally offered an opportunity for specialist study at partner institutions abroad..
The company is not currently offering co-mentorship or compulsory work experience for students. Students who achieve above-average results and who are highly motivated to work with the company may however send their details to #EM#68736f436d2872626b61247865#EM#. As well as a description of their study achievements, they should provide a description of the field in which they wish to collaborate. Their details will then be entered in the database of students and if opportunities for collaboration arise they will be contacted by the human resources department and asked to attend an interview.


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We are proud to announce the launch of our new corporate identity as a part of the ongoing evolution of our brand. After careful consideration, we chose a new logotype that reflects a more modern look and captures our mission to be able to find cutting-edge electronics solutions for our clients' needs.

We will update all our marketing literature and online presence with elements of our new corporate identity. We realise that changing a logo is a time consuming epic, so we will finalise it gradually. With this, we would also like to announce that we are working on a new website that will launch soon.

We look forward to working with you in the future. Read more about the rationale behind the logo here.