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We are the finalists of Itron smart city challenge!

We are the finalists of Itron smart city challenge!

At Instrumentation Technologies we offer cutting-edge solutions for industries and when our team members heard about Itron Smart City Challenge the ideas started flowing and we knew we had to be a part of this challenge. The Itron Smart City Challenge brings together leading IoT developers from across Europe to tackle a set of key business and societal challenges. These challenges were designed by city leaders with the goal of identifying breakthrough solutions that enhance citizen wellbeing, improve operational efficiency and build more resourceful communities.

We decided to join London's Challenge where the main objective is enhancing safety along the River Thames in Central London. Entries of persons falling into the river are highly dangerous and are often deadly. The City of London provides safety equipment along the walkways along the River Thames, but theft and misuse of these devices are common. With 124 entries into the river within the City of London alone, and 26 deaths (recorded in 2014) for the River Thames as a whole, it is vital that we find new ways to improve safety through effective technology.


We are happy to announce that we made it to round two of the challenge and are now starting the development phase. On May 1 our solution will be entered into final evaluation and the winners will be announced on May 13. Stay tuned to see our solution!

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