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The first Synchrotron Light from TPS Storage Ring

Good news from the Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) in Hsinchu!


After recent completion of the booster commissioning, the storage ring has also successfully been put into commission. The first synchrotron light shone last December on the New Year's Eve. The storage ring succeeded in storing a beam current of 5mA at 3GeV beam energy (read more).


We are pleased to hear enthusiastic works from Dr. Kuotung Hsu, and to see that more than 240 Libera Brilliance+ instruments, equipping both rings, are working successfully. After KEK PF-AR in Japan, this is the second facility to enter operations with our electronics based on MTCA specifications.


What better way to start the New Year?



TPS commissioning

The Libera Brilliance+ units are installed in 24 equipment racks,
in groups of three units per rack.



Libera Brilliance+ features high precision position measurement of the electron beam in the booster or storage ring. Its digital signal processing supports programmable bandwidth and can facilitate all position measurements required in various regimes: pulsed, first turns, turn-by-turn and regular closed orbit.
Read more about Libera Brilliance+.



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