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Sharpening the performance of Libera Sync together with the Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

In a collaborative effort between the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) and Instrumentation Technologies, the further development of Libera Sync has begun.

The goal is to meet the requirements for an ultra-stable continuous wave (CW) optical reference distribution system for the SwissFEL. Libera Sync's optical system distributes reference clock signals with minimum added phase jitter and drift (both in the femtosecond (fs) range).
With a 3 GHz system, 20 fs RMS phase noise was measured over 24 hours at #EM#4644504e4d45436b6d7d7e796d#EM# (Sincrotrone Trieste).
The improved version for the SwissFEL has a target of < 10 fs RMS phase noise and long term drift for the 3 GHz, 6 GHz, 9 GHz and 12 GHz frequencies.

During the initial phase of the research cooperation, specifications were lined up and critical design aspects were addressed and analyzed. Both collaborating parties were very pleased with the open and constructive atmosphere during the first design review meeting, which provided a good basis for the achievement of the stringent SwissFEL stability requirements.

Are you looking for a clock distribution system to efficiently replace a massive coaxial cable installation? Contact us at #EM#73606e6677456f2a7c6c6963227e67#EM#.

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