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Record Brilliance at the ESRF

This month, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) reports about the record brilliance and coherence of the undulator-generated photon beams achieved with the ESRF Upgrade Program.  According to the ESRF web page, the accelerator was able to achieve ultra low vertical emittance (reduced by a factor of six) and make that performance available in User Service Mode. Photon beam brilliance reached values that until now are matched nowhere else in the world.
The recently commissioned Libera Brilliance electron beam position processors play a key role in this achievement, providing improved resolution in the orbit measurements and high accuracy measurements of the lattice functions of the ring. Better precision, combined with an improved algorithm for the coupling correction has resulted in the operation of the ring in User Service Mode with a vertical emittance (rms) as small as 5 pm for several days in a row. This corresponds to a normalized emittance (rms) of 0.06 mm mrad.

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