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Pohang Light Source-II, Korea, Successfully Commissioned

The upgraded Korean synchrotron PLSII successfully stored its beam at the beginning of August. Instrumentation Technologies engineers worked together with PLS staff to meet the tight deadlines and commission the machine within half a year of the dismantling of the PLS machine. The Libera complete system service covered:
- replacement and installation of 96 analog BPMs with Libera Brilliance
- development of the EPICS-based Control System GUI
- integration of Libera units into the Control System
- assistance in PLSII commissioning and
- assistance in fast global orbit feedback integration (scheduled for December 2011).

At the beginning of August we were pleased to receive an email from Jin Won Lee of the accelerator division: “We succeeded in storing a 6mA beam in the storage ring last night. Your Libera turnkey solution was very useful in enabling the operation people to achieve this successful result.”

The new synchrotron meets the requirements of the Korea scientific community, improving the beam quality with smaller beam size, greater brightness, energy increase and greater beam stability obtained with top-up injection using full energy LINAC.

Instrumentation Technologies congratulates PLS staff for their great success. Read the whole project report, “Pohang Light Source Complete System and Commissioning”, which was presented at the Libera Workshop, at:

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