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Photon BPM electronics at a discounted price

At Instrumentation Technologies we produce cutting-edge instrumentation for particle accelerators, which we market under the Libera brand.

Right now, in March, we are celebrating a double anniversary: the 15th anniversary of the founding of the company and the 10th anniversary of Libera. And as we celebrate, you benefit!

To mark the occasion, we have decided to offer a 50% discount on the price of Libera Photon, our X-ray BPM. This special price shall stay valid throughout the anniversary year, till March 12, 2014.


Libera photon


Libera Photon provides fast and accurate processing of X-ray beam position. In addition to beam position monitoring, it generates real-time feedback data – the essential information for beam stabilisation. It has a broad range of functionalities, including automatic range setting, internal bias source, ID gap change compensation, parallel data streaming, to name a few,  and it is simple to use. More…



You may have heard about the instrument’s extraordinary performance from beamline and machine scientists at lightsources around the world.

Now we are giving you the opportunity to purchase it at half price. Why not go for it?


Any further questions before ordering? Our sales team will be happy to help you.



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