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Outstanding results with the reference clock transfer system

The latest generation of CW reference clock transfer systems provides long-term stability in the range of a few tens of femtoseconds. Libera Sync 3 has been redesigned to meet the strict requirements imposed by the present and future fourth-generation light sources, such as the Swiss FEL. All the system design aspects have been revisited and improved, from new measuring methods and better evaluation of components to careful pre-design testing and simulation. New fiber-link topology, new approaches in thermal stabilization, improved power supply distribution and the interconnection of carefully selected electrical and state-of-the-art optical components have all led to a significant reduction in added jitter and excellent long-term system stability.


Libera sync 3 t


As a collaboration between the Paul Scherrer Institute and Instrumentation Technologies, a paper is being prepared entitled ‘Next Generation CW Reference Clock Transfer System with Femtosecond Stability’, to be presented during the North American Particle Accelerator Conference (NA-PAC ’13) in Pasadena, California between 29 September and 4 October 2013. You are welcome to meet our experts during the poster session and at Booth 23.



napac 13



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