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Our Attendance: European Utility Week

Our Attendance: European Utility Week

This week we are in Vienna, attending European Utility Week. The event is part of a global portfolio of Utility Weeks attracting the key influencers in power generation, transmission and distribution to new market entrants, major European governing bodies, regulators and others.


There are many different aspects to this event which offer a different perspective on the issue. The Summit Program offers a strategic and policy forming environment, serving every level of the utility value chain. It also offers the right platform to brainstorm and strategize about the industry’s challenges ahead. On the other hand, the Hub Sessions Program offers a dynamic format and engaging Q&As, allowing attendees to network in an exclusive topic-led setting. Last but not least, the Initiate! Program encourages discussions, opportunities and new ideas to help the industry thrive and grow.


Each year we use this opportunity to meet smart energy professionals, who are able to help shape new business, drive projects forward and inspire new opportunities. We find it extremely useful to listen in on what the industry professionals have to say on the issues and what strategies others are using in facing the challenges that lie ahead of us.

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