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New development: Libera Single Pass E

The development of the new Libera Single Pass E beam position processor began at Instrumentation Technologies and will be released in October 2012.

New development: Libera Single Pass E

The Libera Single Pass E will benefit from the same high performance platform as the Libera LLRF, Libera Single Pass H and Libera Brilliance+.
The platform is characterized by its high data throughput capability and processing power. Its compactness will conserve space in the racks, with the possibility of installing four BPMs in one chassis, similar to the Libera Brilliance+ and Libera Single Pass H typologies.

Libera Single Pass E will replace the successful Libera Brilliance Single Pass BPM instrument, which has been the preferred main choice for single pass beam position measurements in many laboratories around the globe like Sincrotrone Trieste - #EM#4664706e6d45436b6d7d7e796d#EM#, Institute of High Energy Physics - BEPC II and Brookhaven National Laboratory - ERL.



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