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Libera Workshop Review

The 12th Libera Workshop took place from June 8 through June 10, 2016. It was held at the Kromberk Castle, a renovated Renaissance fortress that stands on a hill on the edge of Nova Gorica.



Libera Workshop 2016



The workshop lived up to its theme Libera as a partner and brought together participants from 15 different organizations representing 10 countries.


The workshop focused on the experience and challenges shared by the Libera users. Some of the highlights included:

  • Presentations of the new applications within the Libera family (BPM electronics, Beam Loss Monitors, Digitizers, X-Ray BPM electronics, Cavity BPM electronics);

  • Light Sources: The future of the high-performance electronics;

  • Maintaining an instrument-platform: something you wouldn't imagine;

  • How we designed the first temperature-stabilized LLRF.



Libera Workshop 2016



On our website you can find all authorised presentations under Proceedings tab. Here you can also view the 12th Libera Workshop Photo Gallery.


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