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Libera Workshop 2011

Want to exchange experience and ideas with the experts of Libera community at the 7th Libera Workshop? Join us in Solkan (Slovenia) from 28-30 September 2011!

3 days of:

  • Trainings
  • Interactive demonstrations
  • Users' contributions
  • Libera instruments' presentations
  • Discussion sessions
Who should attend?
  • Diagnostics and instrumentation experts dealing with BPMs system
  • Engineers from control groups
  • RF systems engineers
  • Engineers working at synchrotrons, beamlines and FELs
More information at

Register at our web page or by writing to #EM#6d6e6860652b75737a6c626a7e4d67226474717b3a667f#EM# and contribute with a presentation on the work you are doing with Libera units!

More at:

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