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Libera Sync Assures Clock Signal Distribution with Femtosecond Jitter

Libera Sync is a clock distribution system developed to assure extremely low added jitter. A series of tests were recently completed at Sincrotrone Trieste (#EM#4644504e4d45436b6d7d7e796d#EM#), which demonstrated long-term measurements and best results achieved at less than 20 fs RMS over 24 hours. The tests were conducted with optical fiber laid in the tunnel under real operating conditions. Tests also showed that embedded diagnostic features in the system allow the user to monitor the environmental conditions of the fibers.

Libera Sync is essential for clock distribution on Free Electron Lasers. It can also improve beamline experiments at advanced synchrotron light sources and other machines requiring highly synchronized geographically distributed systems. The instrument is the result of co-operation between Sincrotrone Trieste, the University of Ljubljana, and Instrumentation Technologies.

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