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Libera Single Pass H Testing at UNILAC Linear Accelerator

Our colleagues Matjaž Žnidarčič and Dr Rok Hrovatin conducted testing of Libera Single Pass H (hadron phase and position processor) at UNILAC (Universal Linear Accelerator) at GSI in Germany.



unilac 2



Libera Single Pass H enables beam signal processing for single pass measurements.


It is recommended for:

  • hadron and heavy ion LINACs: beam phase and position monitor applications in LINACs and transfer lines
  • pulsed and continuous wave (CW) operation
  • pick-up buttons and striplines


If you want to learn more about the test conducted at UNILAC, join us at the 9th Libera Workshop on 25 April 2013, when Dr Almalki will present a detailed report.

If you would like to receive a Libera Single Pass H promo unit or learn more about the product,
please contact our sales team.



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