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Libera seminar at KIRAMS in Korea

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A two-day seminar on Libera Hadron, high-performance beam position monitor electronics for hadron circular machines, and Libera Digit, a general-purpose digitizer serving as a basis for the development of individual applications, was held at KIRAMS (Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences) in Korea by our colleague Manuel Cargnelutti. It was attended by scientific researchers from IBS, KBSI, Korea University, UNIST and KIRAMS, and was full of intensive discussion. During the seminar the participants got to know the products, and learned about the role of each product in the particle accelerator, and about the way they work and the benefits they bring to the user.


KIRAMS launched the KHIMA (Korea Heavy Ion Medical Accelerator Project) project in July 2010, the goals of which are:

  • to enhance national science and technology competitiveness through the establishment of original advanced radiation medicine technology;

  • to construct a research base for the basic application in the field of medicine and to create new high-value-added industry;

  • to contribute to improving the medical welfare of citizens through the treatment of intractable cancer.


This kind of seminars are always the most valuable learning experience, tailored to the needs of the attendees’, allowing them to get to know Libera instruments.



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