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Libera Photon in Fast Global Orbit Feedback

To further improve beam orbit stability, the SOLEIL Synchrotron team is to include 5 units of photon beam position processors in their slow and fast global orbit feedbacks. Extensive tests have demonstrated a beam current dependence below 1 μm (2-600 µA range) and resolution below 200 nm (10 kHz sampling rate). Instrumentation Technologies appreciate the contribution given by Synchrotron SOLEIL in the development of Libera Photon. After testing the units at their machine, Nicolas Hubert, Synchrotron SOLEIL, reports: “We are very pleased with the positive work you do with us for providing a promising tool to the accelerator community.”

Taiwan Light Source also reported on Libera Photon at DIPAC, showing tests carried out with various data flows, and observing fast transient and slow averaging photon motions in real time.

More and more machines around the world are using Libera Photon at the front end of storage rings, as well as on beamlines: ANKA (Germany), APS (United States), CLS (Canada), Cornell CHESS (US), DIAMOND Light Source (United Kingdom), Hefei Light Source (China), KEK Photon Factory (Japan), SOLEIL Synchrotron (France), SLS (Switzerland), and Taiwan Light Source (Taiwan).

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