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Libera LLRF Commissioned at EMMA (Daresbury Laboratory)

The team working at EMMA (Electron Model for Many Applications), the first Non-Scaling FFAG Accelerator, successfully circulated the 1st electron beam around the ring. Libera LLRF, used to stabilize the RF system, was successfully commissioned. Andrew Moss, senior RF engineer at Daresbury reported: “It has been a good commissioning run and we have learnt an awful lot about how the Libera system operates whilst attempting to demonstrate acceleration on EMMA. We have been steadily raising RF power levels and performing cavity local and global phase scans, to provide the necessary energy gain for the EMMA ring.” The digital LLRF system has proven to be easy to learn and use, while providing precise amplitude and phase control.

Libera LLRF stabilizes the accelerator‘s RF field. With a modular design, it is configurable to specific accelerator’s needs. It is available as a:

  • cost-effective basic system: stabilizes the RF field and analyzes the RF system
  • advanced solution: added features for high performance accelerators’ requirements
  • customizable solution: addresses accelerator’s specifics 

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