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Libera instruments controlled by LabView


A basic LabView GUI form to control and acquire digitalized data from Libera Single Pass E instruments has been built by Mr. Giovanni Franzini and Mr. Simone Bini from INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati.


Such integration with LabView is easy and relatively fast, thus enables them to effectively perform the basic tests of the Libera Single Pass E units used for Extreme Light Infrastructure - Nuclear Physics Project (ELI-NP).


The GUI form works by sending commands via ssh connection to the instrument's Measurement and Control Interface (MCI). However, in order to enable real time control of the Libera units, different options of Libera integration with LabView are available. Most common is the usage of EPICS to LabView or Tango to LabView converters.



Libera control with LABVIEW

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