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Libera feedback

Libera feedback

We are proud to have received positive feedback from our client, the Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society in Berlin. We provided a Libera Sync 3 instrument for them in 2015 and they have had excellent results with it ever since.


They use the Libera Sync 3 clock transfer system to synchronize a femtosecond table-top laser (Onefive GmbH, Zürich) with the infrared free-electron laser at their institute (using a synchronization module built by Hunziker group, PSI). Thanks to our low-jitter timing distribution solution they were able to achieve a total FEL - table-top laser jitter of only 100 fs.


They have recently elaborated on this result in an open-access peer-reviewed journal article in which you can read about the application of the Libera Sync 3. Click here to view.

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