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Libera Digit 500: the first boards are in house!

Libera Digit 500: the first boards are in house!

The Libera Digit 500 is the new 500 MSamples/s digitizer which will soon join the family of Libera instruments. Two versions of the instrument have been developed (AC coupled and DC coupled) as anticipated in the product datasheet.

The first boards arrived at the company in November and went through extensive testing in order to confirm the performance and reliability requirements. Figure 1 in the datasheet shows the board of the DC-coupled version, with 4 input channels and a reference signal which synchronizes the ADC sampling rate. This board can be powered with a standard power supply or using the new PoE++ standard.



The results from the first tests are promising, showing a very flat bandwidth and a nice uniform "grass" in the noise floor measurements. Figure 2 shows the noise floor measurement results in the first Nyquist zone, with terminated inputs and internal attenuation set to 32 dB, in order to achieve the maximum input signal of 10 dBm. Figure 3 presents the instrument bandwidth measured from 1 MHz to 2 GHz.


Figure2 (002)  Figure3 (002)

In the coming weeks we will be preparing a PowerPoint presentation showing more extensive results from both boards. If you are interested in receiving a copy, please email us at #EM#73606e6677456f2a7c6c6963227e67#EM#.

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