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Libera Brilliance+ on a live demo tour in Japan

At the beginning of December, our colleagues Mr Peter Leban and Dr Rok Hrovatin gave a first-hand demonstration of the Libera Brilliance+ instrument, the next-generation electron beam position processor, in Japan. The demonstrations took place at Chubu Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Kasugai near Nagoya and at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK), Photon Factory in Tsukuba.



lb+ demo chubu
Chubu Synchrotron
lb+ demo kek



Libera Brilliance+ features the high-precision position measurement of the electron beam in the booster or storage ring. Digital signal processing inside the Libera units supports programmable bandwidth and can facilitate all the position measurements required: pulsed, first turns, turn-by-turn and regular closed orbit.

Acquisitions can be carried out simultaneously on all data paths: from raw ADC acquisition, turn-by-turn acquisition and slow acquisition, to fast acquisition. Fast acquisition data is provided through deterministic fast ports (SFP) at a 10 kHz data rate and serves as the input data for fast global orbit feedback.

Libera Brilliance+ is fully customisable and can also be programmed to control the control units for corrector magnets. This can be carried out by users with the FPGA development kit.
If you would like to see Libera Brilliance+ in operation and check whether it meets your needs, please contact our sales team to arrange a demonstration.



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