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fully equipped with Libera Brilliance+ units

Some good news this autumn from Tsukuba, Japan. All 83 of the Libera Brilliance+ BPMs installed were started up successfully and are now in operation at the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization, KEK – Photon Factory - Advance Ring (PF-AR).

We are proud to announce that this is the first machine which entirely operates with electronics based on the MTCA standard specifications.

Dr. Takashi Obina informed us that the ‘New BPM system with Libera has been working well since the first day of beam operation!'


Instrumentation Technologies would like to wish the PF-AR team all the best!




libera kek



Libera Brilliance+ features high precision position measurement of the electron beam in the booster or storage ring. Its digital signal processing supports programmable bandwidth and can facilitate all position measurements required in various regimes: pulsed, first turns, turn-by-turn and regular closed orbit. Read more about Libera Brilliance+.



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