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Instrumentation Technologies visited by US deputy ambassador

The visit by Mr Eugene Young, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy of the United States in the Republic of Slovenia, was marked by constructive discussions and a relaxed atmosphere.

Mr Eugene Young, Deputy Chief of Mission, and Ms Sarah Gjorgjijevski, political and economic adviser at the US Embassy in the Republic of Slovenia, visited Instrumentation Technologies on Friday 23 March. Following an introductory presentation of the company, CEO Rok Uršič and his colleagues highlighted the importance of the US market to Instrumentation Technologies, emphasising above all the company's clear intention to increase its market share in this developed and competitive market. Using practical examples, they illustrated the specific character and competitive advantages of the company, which does not follow a typical vendor-customer model. In the majority of cases Instrumentation Technologies establishes a quality relationship with the customer that is based on cooperation, in this way maximising the effect of the products it supplies for the resolution of the customer's problem.


Existing clients in the USA include well-known national laboratories such as the Los Alamos National Laboratory, the Argonne National Laboratory and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. Mr Young expressed the US Embassy's support for the development of existing contacts with partners in the USA and the establishment of new ones. The introductory meeting was followed by a tour of the company premises, featuring a dynamic exchange of opinions, and a visit to the church on Sveta Gora ("Holy Mountain"), conducted by Fr Ambrož.



US deputy ambassador

Rok Uršič (CEO), Fr Ambrož (Franciscan Monastery of Sveta Gora), Eugene Young (Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy in Slovenia), Sarah Gjorgjijevski (Embassy Officer, US Embassy in Slovenia), Rok Hrovatin, Ph.D. (Libera Operations Manager)



US deputy ambassador it

Marko Praznik (Testing Engineer), Silvan Bucik (Hardware Development Engineer), Primož Lemut (Head of Laboratory of Advanced Instrumentation (COBIK)), Eugene Young (Deputy Chief of Mission, US Embassy in Slovenia, Rok Hrovatin, Ph.D. (Libera Operations Manager), Sarah Gjorgjijevski (Embassy Officer, US Embassy in Slovenia), Rok Uršič (CEO), Instrumentation Technologies, March 2012, Solkan



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