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Innovation and Energy Conference 2018

Innovation and Energy Conference 2018

Last week we attended the 10th Slovenian conference on innovation and energy, which was held on October 10 in Brdo pri Kranju. We visited the conference to get first-hand information about current innovative business and technology solutions, as well as the challenges that await us in the future. The conference featured more than 25 speakers and 20 innovative business case studies, as well as key decision makers in the energy sector, experts from other energy-related industries and drivers of future developments.


This was especially interesting for us since we recently worked on a device with two metrology systems – one for solar panel measurements and the other for energy consumption from the grid. The device can additionally connect to different types of inverters, combine all acquired data and send it to cloud-based systems via several different communication channels such as 4G, WiFi, and PLC. We provided complete hardware with certification and all metrology-based software.


We are looking forward to attending more conferences like this one in the future since we always find it useful to gain insights into the business we work in.

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