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First multi-bend achromat facility equipped with Libera


While some enjoy summer days relaxing on the waterfront, researchers and engineers at MAX IV Laboratory (Sweden) work hard while preparing for the commissioning. The MAX IV facility, will be the brightest source of x-rays worldwide and will replace the existing laboratory, which today consists of the storage rings MAX I, II and III. MAX IV will be the first Multi-Bend Achromat (MBA) based light source.

MAX IV accelerators cs




Diagnostics and beam stabilisation at MAX IV will be provided by the Libera family instruments. Twelve Libera Single Pass E beam position processors will cover the travel of the electron bunches in the Linac till the Short Pulse Facility (SPF).


In the storage ring the beam position monitors are connected to Libera Brilliance+ electronics. The 3GeV Storage Ring has two hundred beam position processors, whereas thirty six of them are installed at the 1.5GeV Storage Ring.


We wish a bright light to MAX IV facility and good processing to Libera instruments ☺.


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