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BCD Improvement with Libera Brilliance+

Libera Brilliance+ continues the excellent performance of Libera Brilliance with even better linearity down to the lowest signal levels.

Tests show the typical position variation around 1 μm down to -80 dBm input signal level at centered beam and down to -60 dBm input signal level at off-centered beam position (~600 μm). The improvement factor compared with the beam current dependence performance of Libera Brilliance is at least 2.

Special attention has also been paid to detailed machine physics studies. The raw wideband ADC data buffer allows detailed analysis of fast phenomena with durations up to several milliseconds. The newly introduced turn-by-turn calculation method, called Time Domain Processing (TDP), is intended for short fill or single-bunch fill patterns. The RMS on the turn-by-turn data is improved by factor of 4-5 compared to classic DDC calculation method.

See the results at: and learn how to use Libera Brilliance+ with video tutorials:

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