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Achieving a less than 10 micrometer measurement resolution in single pass BPM

One of the crucial requirements for the KEK Linac BPM is actual measurement resolution under specific conditions, which must be less than 10 μm RMS for each individual bunch in a pair. Libera Single Pass E was developed in collaboration between KEK Linac and Instrumentation Technologies. A position resolution close to 2 μm RMS was achieved on the test setup in the laboratory. In June 2013 extensive testing was carried out at KEK Linac, where on-the-beam tests of three Libera units gave results with horizontal and vertical resolution that were well within the specifications. The so-called ‘3BPM method’ gave resolutions of 7 μm RMS in both planes.


Libera single pass e


The entire measurement process, together with the quantification of various influences, was described and presented in a paper titled ‘High-precision Electronics for Single Pass Applications’ at the Free Electron Laser Conference (FEL’13).


fel 13





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