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A new addition to the Libera family!

A new addition to the Libera family!

We are proud to present the newest addition to the Libera family! The Libera Digit 500 is a 500MSps 4-channel digitizer: a fast data-acquisition system which can be used to acquire signals from different sources.


Two versions are planned, AC and DC coupled, covering a frequency range from DC to 2GHz depending on the application. The data acquired on trigger is stored in a large memory which can be segmented by the user, with acquisition triggers supported up to 1kHz. The FPGA and SW code can be extended by the user in order to carry out online signal processing!


You can check the Libera Digit 500 datasheet here.


The Libera Digit 500 is in the final development phase and will be ready for the market at the beginning of 2019!


For additional questions or inquiries please contact #EM#73606e6677456f2a7c6c6963227e67#EM#

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