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RF Gate

Electronic switch intended for electronic switching of various signals.

RF Gate

RF Gate

The RF Gate circuit is the electronic switch intended for the high quality electronic switching of various signals.


Product code AP13HI-IT01-XXX (XXX=Serial no.)
Supply voltage 10 – 20 V DC
RF Input frequency range 30 kHz – 1 GHz
RF Input connector SMA
RF Input power 1 dB compression @ 23 dBm Max 23 dBm
TTL control TTL (hi level > 2 V, low level < 0.8 V, UIN Max 5 V)
TTL control signal shape Square
TTL control connector BNC
RF Output connector SMA
Insertion loss (gate on) <1.5
Input to output isolation (gate off) >50 dB





There are three basic connectors on the RF Gate circuit; RF input, RF output and TTL control connector. In basic this is the signal controlled electronic switch.


For testing purposes, the sine RF signal has to be connected on the RF input and square signal on the gate input. The RF input signal is gated in dependence of the TTL control signal. The square TTL control signal works as switch, which enables and disables the RF signal. When the gate signal is high or low (depends of TTL control polarity switch position) the RF signal output is enabled. The active level of gate signal can be selected with the TTL control polarity switch. If the TTL control polarity switch is set to TTL=1, the output will be enabled when the TTL control signal will be on high level and vice versa. The ratio between times when RF signal is enabled or disabled is set over the ratio between the high and low level of the TTL control signal.





Output in Dependence of Control Polarity Switch


RF Gate Delay


RF gate delay




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