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Instrumentation Technologies is a global leader in the design of instrumentation solutions for various types of accelerators.

Development time and effectiveness are important, so one of our goals is to identify and unite the common functionalities and building blocks in the hardware and in software of different instruments. Doing so, we provide the best solution for the rapid and efficient development, commissioning and operation of the instrument.
Our solutions are designed on a platform consisting of hardware architecture and a software framework. The platform supports the development of instrumentation solutions in several aspects: speed, efficiency and stability of development.



Our current platform range offers three options:

  • Platform B

    is our latest modular and scalable solution. It is available in a 2U 19˝ chassis based on the μTCA.4 standard. Platform B is supported by our software framework, Libera BASE, which consists of modular, generic building blocks that handle the system layer and provide an environment that allows for rapid development cycles by focusing on the application. Most of the recent developments were conducted on Platform B, including Libera LLRF, Libera Brilliance+, Libera Single Pass H, Libera Hadron and Libera Single Pass E.
  • Platform A

    has been  successfully installed on over 50 machines worldwide. This all-in-one solution is packed in a 1U 19˝ rack mountable chassis. Libera Electron, Libera Bunch-by-Bunch, Libera Brilliance, Libera Brilliance Single Pass and Libera Photon are some of the instruments that were developed on this platform. Production of Libera Electron, Liber Brilliance and Libera Brilliance Single Pass came to an end after several years. Libera Brilliance+ and Libera Single Pass E are already available as replacements for those instruments on Platform B.
  • MTCA Platform

    is an open standard platform, developed by the PICMG Consortium and designed for physics applications. We offer solutions on this platform by integrating generic standard hardware modules with our application-specific modules. These also are supported by our Libera BASE software framework, just as on Platform B. Libera Spectra was developed on MTCA Platform.    


We are well aware that our platforms exceed the limits of typical hardware and software components. That is why one of our main objectives is to bring the benefits of the platform closer to the users by enabling them to develop, implement and use their own signal processing schemes.


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