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Sync 500

Clock transfer system with carrier frequencies in the range of 500 MHz

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Sync 500


Libera Sync assures clock signal distribution with femtosecond (fs) added jitter and fiber drift compensation. It is suitable for synchrotron light source machines.


Femtosecond precision

  • excellent synchronization of geographically distributed systems

Simple commissioning and use

  • quick set-up and minimal start-up tuning
  • remote monitoring of Libera Sync operation
  • easily integrated into the Control System
  • minimal requirements for environmental stability and conditions


Compensation of fiber drifts

  • enables long-term link stability
  • point-to-point distance (optical fiber pair length): up to ~1km (depending on the optical fiber used)


Compact, robust and high-performance device

  • small dimension: standard form factor 1U 19”
  • low power consumption – with each device consuming less than 30 W
  • Number of reference outputs on receiver side: 2


Remote diagnostics

  • operation of Transmitter and Receiver unit can be remotely monitored


Range of clock frequencies supported by Libera Sync

  • 350 MHz - 520 MHz


Added jitter performance

  • Added jitter: typically 30 fs RMS, guaranteed 50 fs RMS (100 Hz – 10 MHz) @ 500 MHz


Long-term drift performance

  • Long-term drift (24h, T = T0 ±2.5C) typically 150 fs RMS, 500 fs RMS guaranteed @ 300 m optical fiber length



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