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Sync 3

Clock transfer system with carrier frequencies in the range of 3 GHz

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Sync 3

How does it work?

The Libera Sync 3 system consists of a Transmitter and a Receiver unit. The units are connected with a pair of single-mode optical fibers.

The Transmitter input signal is a continuous wave RF reference clock signal. It modulates the 1550 nm optical carrier through an electro-optical modulator. The optical signal is split and fed into two separate paths. One of the signals along with the onboard control circuitry is used for link phase drift compensation and is partly reflected at the Receiver side. Phase drift compensation is performed by optical carrier wavelength adjustments and other mechanisms. The other path is used to transfer the signal at low added jitter. In the Receiver, both incident optical signals are demodulated into the RF domain. The low jitter signal is further amplified, filtered and stabilized in amplitude and phase. This signal is now fed to one monitoring and two users’ outputs.



Libera sync 3 graph



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