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Sync 3

Clock transfer system with carrier frequencies in the range of 3 GHz

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Sync 3


Libera Sync 3 is a new generation reference clock transfer system. It is primarily designed for FELs and suitable also for other light sources.


Compact and robust design

  • Industry standard 2U 19’’ form factor
  • High reliability achieved by using high-end electronic and optical components operating in optimal working points
  • Robust mechanical layout specifically designed to maintain a controlled environment inside the units
  • Once tuned it becomes a self-sustaining integral part of the machine


User-friendly control interface

  • Integration into the control system by using SCPI command interface
  • Local control over front panel
  • Standard Ethernet connection
  • Transmitter and Receiver diagnostic data available on both units simultaneously
  • Diagnostic data logging on standard memory card with adjustable sampling time


Simple commissioning and use

  • Software guided one-time tuning procedure
  • Retuning not required after system restart
  • Low maintenance
  • Support for system integration available



  • Added jitter in the range of a few femtoseconds
  • Long-term stability: a few tens of femtoseconds of phase drift per day
  • Long-distance operation
  • Broad operational range influenced by: temperature, humidity, length, fiber type


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