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Photon beam position monitor electronics

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Software architecture

The Libera Photon is based on the Xilinx Zynq SoC, which consists of FPGA and ARM CPU within the same chip. This compact solution brings more efficient communication and faster data transfer. The common memory can be accessed from both sides, with no need for data-transfer protocols.
The FPGA implements all the logic and signal processing required after acquisition, also handling the data buffers for each data path. On the CPU side, the application logic resides above the Linux Kernel, providing other signals and specific functionalities.



libera photon software



The top layer is the Measurement and Control Interface, which allows for the implementation of the following popular control system interfaces: EPICS, TANGO and MATLAB. Parameters and signals are also accessible using a simple command-line utility.


Supplementary products

Convert the signal from single ended to differential LVPECL.

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