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Photon beam position monitor electronics

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How does it work?

The signal processing chain in Libera Photon is composed of analog signal processing, digitalization at ~2.5 MHz (18 bit) and digital signal processing. At the input, there are four current-to-voltage converters with seven ranges allowing measurements of current from several pA to 1.8 mA. External BIAS source can be used to bias the sensors. The digital signal processing consists of signal conditioning and position calculation. The processed data are delivered to the user via four data paths. Optionally, the RJ-25 and DAC analog outputs are available.



libera photon signal processing




The advantage of the Libera Photon is user-configurable IIR filtering and decimation for the fast and slow data streams. Two IIR filter blocks provide the user the freedom to develop the filter (e.g. in Matlab) and upload the coefficients to Libera Photon directly.
The reference input (revolution clock) can be used to synchronize the data with the accelerator's timing system



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Convert the signal from single ended to differential LVPECL.

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