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Photon beam position monitor electronics

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Feedback Capability

The Libera Photon can be upgraded with a hardware module that provides both digital and analog outputs. The module is fitted inside the instrument and provides the user with 2 additional interfaces.

The application in the FPGA can be configured to output the values to the DAC (analog output) and the RJ-25 interface (digital output). The DAC granularity is 16 bits and can be configured for an output voltage of +/-5 or +/-10 V. The RJ-25 interface can be used to set up the output data through the RS-485 protocol (as an example).

The analog/digital outputs enable the (local) feedback capability of the Libera Photon, which can become an integral part of the photon beam stabilization in the beamline.


The hardware module is optional.



libera photon extension module



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Convert the signal from single ended to differential LVPECL.

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